Friday, December 1, 2017

Justice League REVIEW, Dancehall Mixtape and more. Latest podcast!

Movie Review for Justice League

There are spoilers! More info on this film here 

This release was an event for me.   DC’s version of the Avengers! The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg all on the big screen.   In action for the first time.

This film was a mired production.   Zack Snyder’s family tragedy, Joss Whedon replacing him as director, Henry Cavill not being able to shave his mustache, and rumors of Ben Affleck no longer playing Batman all loomed over sadly and negatively over this movie.   As of this writing, the film has been out over a week, and it is being reported that it will be losing Warner Bros.(the company producing the movie)millions of dollars. All this news would make for a great documentary which I’d gladly watch.

Seeing these characters all together gave me moments of pure joy.   References to the DC universe such as the lanterns, Darkseid, revisiting Themyscira was wonderful.   Hearing the old themes from Batman 1989 and Superman 1978 weaved in tiny moments in Justice League, brought the happy nostalgic feelings I felt when I first saw those classics.  

I loved the look of Batman flipping around, perched atop a statue, stopping a criminal on a rooftop, dealing with a parademon after!   No one can deny Zack Snyder’s visuals when it comes to his filmography.

The movie stumbles with the Superman stuff.   His weird looking upper lip in the beginning, his return where one moment he doesn’t know anything and the next he’s back to his regular self.   His lines lacked life. Overall he was only ok.

Some weird editing when the league is all chatting in a room, and they don’t even seem to be all in the same place.   

The main villain was formidable but forgettable.   It also appears that the team cannot save the world without Superman.   

I’m looking forward to the Aquaman movie which should be out a year from now.   Hopefully, there will be cameos from the league in that film.

I’ve always been one to enjoy choice.   Wrestling has been a fun, lifelong pastime of mine.   When WCW was around, I enjoyed having an option outside of the WWE, something else, something different.   This is what we have now with the Marvel and DC films.

This was a fun but not must-see.   There were good seeds which were planted that can blossom to great things.  I hope that Warner Bros. can get their act together and start making more overall compelling content in this small but growing universe.  I have faith. These things take time.

See Justice League here: 

My Biggest Takeaways from John Gray’s ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’

Find out more about this book here

Dance Class Mixtape

These are songs from a recent dance class I taught.
Find all these songs on Spotify here

Track listing:

1. PG 13-‘Boss Lady’
2. Mavado & Jahmiel-‘Badness’
3. Tarrus Riley & Konshens-‘Simple Blessings’
4. Maroon 5-‘Bet My Heart’
5. Vybz Kartel-‘Money Pot Mi Brain’
6. Konshens-‘From Wen Yuh See Me’
7. Buju Banton-’Same Fren’
8. Popcaan-‘Up Inna Di Club’

Weird Stories Covered this week

1. The World's Oldest Man? Maybe.
2. Hacking Our DNA to Change/Increase our abilities?
3. Family Escapes Pirates in the Wild.
4. Defunct Satellite to crash into Earth.
5. Thousand-year-old Frozen Cub found. Can it be cloned?

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