Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thor Ragnarok REVIEW-spOILers

Here's the audio version.   

Action, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy.   Thor Ragnarok was a joyous film. I laughed aloud several times.

The synth, 80s style soundtrack by Mark Mothersbaugh was fantastic.    I enjoy putting mixtapes together of movie scores, and I’ve added a couple of songs from this soundtrack to an upcoming mix.   The specific tracks are ‘No One Escapes, ’ and ‘The Revolution Has Begun.' Nerdy stuff, I know.

The cast I felt gelled well.   Cate Blanchett as the main heavy was a worthy adversary.   The fact that Thor needed help dealing with her and losing an eye in the process shows the depth the writers invested in this villainess.   Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, and the Hulk all have scene-stealing moments in the movie.

Karl Urban has established himself, with me, as adding extra quality to any recent film in which he's cast.   I feel Dredd, and the new Star Trek movies have raised his stock. He embodied Scourge. He looked like I remembered the character from Walt Simonson's run on the Thor comic throughout the 80s.

Surprise appearances by Matt Damon and Sam Neill made me chuckle.   Tom Hiddleston is always great. The lady who plays Jeff Goldblum’s bodyguard was notable.   Korg and his bug friend where funny.

Shocking moments in the movie were Hela killing off Thor’s friends which we had seen in previous films(Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg).   But where was Lady Sif?

This film is very colorful.   It reminded me of of films from my childhood such as Beetlejuice(1988)and The Transformers from 1984(junk planet setting specifically).   Director Taika Waititi has stated that Flash Gordon(1980)inspired him. I can see the influence.

My negatives with the film.   Cate Blanchett was great; I wanted to see her used more.   She's mostly running around Asgard being threatening.

When did Thor have this character change?   Here the comedy is turned up to 11. It almost seems like he was another person in the first two films of this trilogy.   

When is he going to stop finally trusting Loki?   There was a hint of it before the final battle.

What motivates Loki to have a change of heart and want to help in the end?   Not clear to me.

Tessa Thompson's performance was satisfying.   But this stereotype of the bossy, badass woman is getting tired.   It seems to be in every modern day movie. I'd like to see the charisma, confidence, kick-ass, vulnerable traits turned up and the overbearing characteristics done away with.   The male characters fed this behavior. The females act in this fashion; the men act like idiots,

Social commentary with the Asgardians.   Asgard being destroyed and its people becoming immigrants?  The movie ends with Thor deciding to find a home for his people on Earth.   Could this be related to our present-day immigration situation? Is this Hollywood injecting politics into a Marvel movie?   I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time.

Another movie released this year where the two hour plus run time didn’t feel tiresome.    An overall gratifying ride.

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