Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What's Your One Thing?

Thank you Robin Sharma.   Speaking to a friend recently got me jazzed about doing Amazon FBA again.   I even re-considered Kindle publishing.   I logged into both of my accounts to check on their status.

In Robin Sharma’s recent podcast titled ‘How to create a World Class Company’, his first trait was closely related to the ONE thing.    Here are my biggest takeaways after reading that book.   Listening to this podcast has taken me back to why this idea initially grabbed my attention.   It reminded me, why I stopped pursuing those avenues in the first place.   

My one thing consists of four areas.   Expressing myself, creating, documenting my life and continuing to grow by consuming personal development material.  

What I will do:

My time(when not relaxing or working) should be spent on my one thing.    I will limit the stuff I buy for my eBay store.   Freeing up even more time and funds to focus in this space.   

My current avenues to express myself/create/document are podcasting, vlogging, blogging.     I want to add book writing to that list.    James Altucher put out this Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Write Books.    He’s written 18!   I want to write 18+ myself.    Writing my own books, I can do Kindle publishing my way.    My podcasts consists of regular segments such as weird stories, biggest takeaways from books I’ve read, self improvement material and more.   Where as I can quote books, replay songs from the radio, on the podcast; doing so doesn’t get me in any trouble(to date).    But when writing books, it must be more of my thoughts mixed with the material being layed out. No plagiarism here.

It will start with blogging.    Putting together books from my older content is another reason why blogging will become more of a priority than the podcast.     

The blog material will be turned into audio, then into video(as it has been on my most recent episode).   The vlogs are just myself documenting, expressing my life.

The things I enjoy regularly are closely related to my one thing.   Taking classes, dancing, working on the podcast, drawing, exercise, yoga, watching movies and tv shows and reviewing them.

This is my zone, this is where I live.   It has taken me the last two decades to find this.   

What’s your one thing?   What’s the thing you’ve done for years that you still enjoy to this day?   Please comment below.

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