Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Changing Up My Diet Again.

Dr. Gundry discussed a lectin free diet.   I interpreted the diet as the big brother of the gluten free diet.   I practice a gluten free diet.   I'm not gluten intolerant, but this particular diet helps keep my gut down.

Dr. Gundry’s diet consists of large consumption of olive oil. I'm not crazy about that.  

My dad’s recent passing was the motivation for my current vegan diet.   He had several heart issues in the last years of his life.   From strokes to stents.  You can see a video I made remembering him, here.   

I'm looking for a heart healthy, low cholesterol diet.   Intermittent fasting is a part of my diet plan as well(‘eat less, live longer’ -pharmacist Ben Fuchs).   My dietary inspirations come from several sources.  
  1. Forks Over Knives’ documentary(no animal products of any kind, no oils as well)
  2. Dr. Joel Wallach’s diet plan (gluten free, no oils, daily supplementation)
  3. Pharmacist Ben Fuchs suggestions (fasting)
These inspirations formed a diet which consisted of no oils, no animal fats (mostly..when I’ve felt a 'brain strain' i will have butter or meat.   I've always felt that the brain strain is telling  me I need cholesterol), vegan diet, and fasting.   Eating one large meal a day, later in the day having a powdered multivitamin drink (Tangy Tangerine, a powdered drink which contains 90 essential minerals and nutrients) and various other supplements for that day.   Why this diet?   It keeps my cholesterol down and keeps me slim.   Two of my top, healthy-living, goals.

Dr. Gundry’s diet interests me.   I want to know how it will make me feel.   I also have a few tiny spots of eczema on my body, will this diet clear that up?   I went to his website, he has an lectin free foods list which would make shopping for food easier.  

Dr. Wallach suggests having  animal fats as part on one's daily diet.    I tried this, but it took my cholesterol to dangerous levels, according to my doctors.   

Let's try this diet for a while and see what happens.

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