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Welcome to the Paul Has Fun Blog!

  On this blog, I dig into my hobbies and document my life and interests.   I hope to encourage you to do the same! Thanks for spending time with me. Scroll down for the latest content.   WELCOME!   
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9 Lessons Learned in 2023-Dating, Diet, & More.

Podcast Audio-Hit Play below. Check out this episode! YouTube version I reviewed my journal notes from 2023; these were nine of my biggest lessons from last year.   Sugar dating is an expensive alternative to seeing sex workers. I've been seeing sex workers for 6-8 years now, and it was getting old. I met someone in 2023 and wanted to date them seriously, but they didn't in return; I took that as a challenge and looked into sugar dating. I've been doing so since October and learned a lot since then. Now, I have sugar babies and sex workers in my regular rotation. There are growing pains in maintaining this, but I do like the variety.   Regular dating sites are a waste of time.   I've used dating sites and had some success, but it took time, patience, and messaging other members before meeting someone in real life. When I started sugar dating in October, I signed up and paid a month's subscription to a regular dating site(along with a sugar dating site). Conver

Welcoming May 2024 with a Dance video

Nice weather days are starting to become more consistent.   Why not make a dance video to welcome May 2024.   The song is 'Uptown' by Roze Don.   This 'riddim' (or beat) called 'Street Vybz' takes me back to when I started going exclusively to dancehall parties, about 14+ years ago.    These older 'riddims,' like older dance moves, are being re-introduced to a younger generation, and I love it.    Enjoy!   

Bob Marley One Love Spoiler Review-$93 Million Later

  I enjoyed Bob Marley's One Love, a 2024 biopic based on the legendary musician's life. The highlights for me were Kingsley Ben-Adir's and Lashana Lynch's performances as Bob and Rita Marley. Ben-Adir oozed charisma in playing Bob, and Ms. Lynch made me feel their deep relationship bond. The film is a musical in a way, as several of Bob's classic songs were performed.   One Love also weaves the stories and motivations for classic songs, such as 'Three Little Birds,' with Mr. Marley putting it together in the backyard of his home in Kingston.  Video version of my review.    I hummed 'Exodus' days after watching the movie.   This beautifully shot movie details several critical moments in the singer's life, such as an assassination attempt, his extended stay in the UK, and his first concert back in Jamaica, where he had warring political figures make peace on stage. The movie's budget was $70 million, and I assume it cost another $70 million to

Party Time at Lot 45-Brooklyn, NY. March 2024

Dancing the night away with friends, to some of our favorite genres of music.   Dancehall, Afrobeats, and Soca.   This party is made possible by Lot 45 in Brooklyn, NY and the promoter/DJ Play The Music.   Other NY DJs who played the same event were Khalil and Wah Gwan Twon.  Friends in this video: Lion(he and his wife Kim shot all the video) Mami Usher  Mateo Sparx Radha Cyrielle Hope to do more of this throughout the year.  

The Underdog Advantage by Dean Graziosi-My Favorite Quotes

On this podcast I discuss my favorite quotes from Dean Graziosi's book, 'The Underdog Advantage.' My main takeaway from this book is a new perspective on selling. Like many, I need help selling anything and find doing so awkward. But truthfully, we all sell every day and don't notice. When we enthusiastically recommend a favorite TV show, food, song, or type of music to our friends, family, and acquaintances, we are selling. Which, to me, is the most accessible way to sell anything to anyone.  Interested in reading the book yourself?   Find it through my affiliate link here. Thoughts? Comments? Do so below. If you've enjoyed this episode, please support this podcast by doing any, all your shopping through my affiliate link: AMAZON: or DONATE/TIP here SUBSCRIBE Everywhere HERE   Let's keep in touch, sign up for the email list here YouTube version  

All 2023 Content part 2-July 2023-December 2023 LONG EPISODE-Podcast Exclusive

Check out this episode! This episode contains all podcast audio from July 2023-December 2023. Episodes collected are(with links to the original podcasts): 1. Is NYC Reggaefest Becoming Stale? 2. The Flash-$269 Million Later-Spoiler Review 3. Was The Equalzer 3 A Horror Movie? Spoiler Review 4. Ed Mylett's book 'The Power Of One More." My Favorite Quotes 5. My Biggest Takeaways Volume 2 6. Comic Book Recommendations  November 2023 7. My Favorite Browadway Shoes of 2023 8. Dance Mixtape December 2023 9. Godzilla Minus One-Spoiler Review 10. My Experience with using, OkCupid, Click  here for the first 'All 2023 Content, January 2023-June 2023.' Thoughts? Comments? Do so below. If you've enjoyed this episode, please support this podcast by doing any, all your shopping through my affiliate link: AMAZON: or DONATE/TIP here SUBSCRIBE Everywhere HERE

Ghost Song Time Lapsed Artwork.

  I played and enjoyed Ghost Song on Xbox Game Pass late last year.   Metroid-Vania-style games are some of my favorites; when I was younger, I remember spending hours playing Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on the PlayStation.   A recent favorite in this genre, which I completed, was Carrion. I put hours into Ghost Song, got stuck in a few parts, was at the tail end, and then it was removed from Game Pass.   I bought this title on the Nintendo Switch, but the load times are brutal.   This drawing is me reminiscing over the time I put into this game. I'll finish it someday.    Have you played Ghost Song? Want to play it? Comment below. Time lapse video