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Content Inc. - My Biggest Takeaways-VIDEO

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Content Inc. is a book I recommend to anyone who's starting a podcast, blog, youtube channel. Especially if you want to nail down your unique vision and sell something down the road.

I wish I read this book before starting my podcast. It has given me ideas on how to monetize my material.

I found Mr. Pulizzi's writing engaging and accessible. While reading this, I even sought out some of his online presentations. Good stuff.

Here are five takeaways/quotes from Joe Pulizzi's 'Content Inc.'

1 - 'That's because the content is what people want online, and marketing and advertising are what people easily avoid. I knew how to create the former, and that's how I attracted and held the attention that led to revenue, profits, and success.' pg xii-foreword
2 - 'The key here is that you don't have to be the New York Times or the leading trade magazine in your industry to get people to engage with your content. Readers are open to receiving and engaging in any content that will help them live better lives, get better jobs, or solve a particular task. The point: You have as much opportunity to deliver amazingly helpful content as anyone.' pg 18
3 - 'More and more, I find that the best Content Inc. programs revolve around aspirations, not needs. I've been guilty of telling marketers to 'focus on customer pain points' since, well, forever. Focusing on pain points just gets you to the front door.
To get to the heart of your customers' needs, you have to focus on what they want to be and help them get where they want to go.' pg 68
4 - 'Most businesses simply don't think about repurposing ahead of time. They think, 'I need a blog post or a white paper.' They don't think in terms of strategy Robert discusses above-of how one story idea can be told in dozens of different ways depending on the content needs of the organization' pg 132
5 - 'For all for of my books, including this one, a lot of material, ideas, and content originated from existing blog posts. If you have six months of blogs, you might already have half a book. Now writing a book is not an easy endeavor, but you may have a lot of the raw content already at your disposal to develop a book.' pg 205

With that said, here are a few ways I've thought of monetizing my content:

a. Coaching/consulting others who are interested in publishing their content in my style. Or putting a course together explaining the same.
b. Being a DJ for hire. Soliciting offers from anyone who enjoys my mixtapes and would like me to play for their event.
c. Make an ebook and/or audiobook from combined blog posts.

You can see here, the nuggets of knowledge this book has in producing and repurposing your content. In finding your particular niche, where you're knowledgeable and can expand for hours.

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